Financial Management Consulting

Our Financial Management Consulting Services

Credit Management Consulting

You can depend on us to provide to your business reliable services to ensure your business stays ‘healthy’.

Finance and Operations Strategy

Bontic Consulting we understand nothing just happens – we will help develop a working operations strategy for your organization.

Credit Management Consulting:

Bontic Consulting Group offers a suite of services across the entire credit-cycle for local and foreign organizations comprising of:

  • Credit Collection
  • Consultation Services
  • Credit and Collections Training
  • Collection Software

Why Choose Bontic Group?


At Bontic Consulting Group, we don’t compromise on our integrity in all our work and therefore you can depend on us.


Excellence is at the heart of all that we do – we guarantee nothing but the best value for our clients!


Bontic Consulting Group staff have a team spirit in delivering to the client the required services.

We Keep You Moving!