Credit Collection Training

Advance Credit Collection Training (ACCT)At Bontic Consulting Limited

Bontic Consulting has developed a series of customizable in-house training courses that could be adapted across different industries. We regularly conduct public seminars and regional conferences that offers a range of commercial debt, receivables and credit topics in one-day, two-day and half-day sessions to bring knowledge to people who want to learn more about credit & collections.

We will be able to design and provide the necessary program structure to ensure a complete and up-to-date learning experience. Our program includes role-plays, computer simulations exercises, field visits and group work, besides dynamic lectures. Our trainers are practitioners in the credit, receivables, debt and revenue management areas and have many years of experience in the industries. Our trainers travel around the region to conduct training and to design customized courses to suit companies’ needs.

We also provide speakers to companies, associations, national convention, industry groups and chambers of commerce as part of our services. We also work with partners to offer joint conferences, seminars and workshops as part of our effort to increase the professionalism in the debt, credit and receivables management industry

Credit collection training at Crown Plaza Hotel Nairobi

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At Bontic Consulting Group, we don’t compromise on our integrity in all our work and therefore you can depend on us.


Excellence is at the heart of all that we do – we guarantee nothing but the best value for our clients!


Bontic Consulting Group staff have a team spirit in delivering to the client the required services.

We are the best in provide effective and innovative credit collection training.