Brand Strategy & Marketing

At Bontic Consulting we believe that developing a brand strategy can be one of the most difficult steps in the marketing plan process. It’s often the element that causes most businesses the biggest challenge, but it’s a vital step in creating the company identity. We are the best in advising your company or organization on how your company need to have a well-defined brand strategy on a quarterly basis.

Your brand strategy will identify the following three core components of your business and can then be used as a blueprint when it comes to developing your marketing strategy and tactics.

  • Purpose – Your business must have a functional and intentional purpose.
  • Consistency – Without consistency, a business will struggle to survive.
  • Emotional Impact – Emotion is what helps customers connect with you a brand strategy helps you develop the emotion that you are going after.

Your brand identity will be repeatedly communicated, in multiple ways with frequency and consistency throughout the life of your business.

To begin the development of your brand’s strategy you must have an understanding of these four marketing components:

  • Primary Target Customer and/or Client
  • Competition
  • Product and Service Mix
  • Unique Selling Proposition

By identifying these components of your marketing plan you have created the basis for crafting your brand strategy. An effective branding process will create a unique identity to your business and that differentiates you from the competition. That is why it’s often deemed as the heart of a competitive strategy.

Why Choose Bontic Group?


At Bontic Consulting Group, why brand in your business. It is the only uniqueness you have above your competitors.


Strategy is the roadmap your company believe in to achieve within a short period of time. We guarantee nothing but the best value for our clients!


At Bontic Consulting marketing is more about your the best you can deliver to customers within a short period of time by being efficient and effective.

At Bontic Consulting We Keep Your Brand Alive!